What I Do

Hypnosis and What to Expect

Many people think that to be hypnotised means to have no control over what is happening to them.

This is far from how hypnosis works. At all times you are in control. You can hear everything that is being said. If at any time you want to open your eyes and come away from hypnosis – you can. Many enjoy the experience and feel relaxed afterwards.

Hypnosis can help with many issues, from nail biting, smoking, weight issues to anxiety or to just to relax and escape.


Lacking confidence can be an issue for many of us at some time in our lives. Whether it is when going for a job, meeting a new partner, going for your driving test,doing something you would really love to do but keep saying to yourself I can’t do it or I’m no good. With the help of hypnosis, you can gain the confidence you need. With my help as a qualified Hypnotherapist I can help you to achieve your goals.

One to one hypnotherapy costs £40.00

Quitting Smoking

First session £60.00, two sessions £100.00 , 2nd session as a re enforcement.

Quitting smoking is letting go of the smoking pattern you once had and looking at cigarettes differently.

If you are considering hypnotherapy to quit smoking the first step is to make sure you are quitting because you want to. It is more empowering if you make that chose for you, by you.

Hypnotherapy works by putting you in a deep, relaxed state where your mind is more open to suggestion. With hypnotherapy we help you to change your thought patterns by making suggestions such as ‘I do not want a cigarette’ or ‘I dislike the smell of cigarette smoke’. For many people, just one session is enough to quit smoking however some may benefit from a follow-up session.

Hypno-Gastric Band

HypnoGastricBand is a non-invasive technique used to help the subconscious mind believe it has had a HypnoGastricBand fitted. Your subconscious will accept that you’ve had the procedure and that your stomach is smaller.The HypnoGastric Band, along with the choices you have made to lead a healthier lifestyle, is an effective technique to assist weight loss.
Sessions £50


I also do Supervision, both individually and as a group.


Regression is used when a client needs to address an issue that is affecting the problems that they are feeling today.

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